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New Doctors' Surgery



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There has been some discussion about the proposed site for the new surgery, with four possibilities, but it has been bought to the attention the Knebworth Village web site, that there is a fifth site at 111 London Road, which was left to the village some years ago, with the intention that it be used for the good of the whole village. Here is an extract from a proposal made by a Parish Councillor TWO years ago:

"Turning to the proposal for 111 London Road, I am led to believe that NHH has plans to move the women’s refuge operation from the building in the relatively near future, so availability seems at least a reasonable prospect, I am further informed, but do not know for certain, that in the original gift of the building to the church, a gift which later became unsustainable and resulted in its transfer to local authority control, there was a covenant that the building should be used for the benefit of Knebworth. If that is true, it has been honoured only in the breach for many years, but presumably it would still have legal status. At the least, it is something that ought to be clarified if the building is to fall vacant in the medium-term. In practical terms, the building offers access to a wider, somewhat quieter part of London Road than discharge directly into the High Street, and has the prospect of substantially increased size of premises for the practice. Not least, a secure future there would probably make it a more attractive practice for the younger generation of GPs. In recent years, there has been substantial turnover in the practice, which one suspects is fuelled in part by the uncertainty about the short-term lease of the premises. My informant has clearly given the proposal considerable thought and expresses great enthusiasm for the move. I think it would be unhelpful for me here to expound further on the proposals, but hope the prospect of the alternative here offered will lead the Parishioners and Councillors to think more evenly about options for the future." John Corrie Feb 2008

  If anyone can shed light upon what happened to this proposal, or has any information or opinions they would like to share with the Knebworth residents, please follow the links below so that we can all benefit from your knowledge.
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We have started a new READERS' LETTERS section where you can air your opinions and grievances for others to comment on. There is no restriction on subject matter, that is up to the writer. Any local subject that develops an ongoing interest, such as a New School or Doctors Surgery, will be separated into it's own category.

Letters and comments will be edited for decency and suitability. Letters and comments will be published at the Editor's discretion.

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