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Subject: State of the Village - 1st July 2014

I'm a Knebworth resident of 24 years. I've not seen the village look more dishevelled, neglected or shabby than it does today. The roads and pavements are appalling with weed and grass growth in the kerbs reaching crazy levels and overgrowth from trees, bushes and shrubs also making walking along footpaths a challenge.

We can do somethings ourselves with our own gardens and footpath area's outside our own homes but more needs to be done by the council, local and county. I've written to our MP and local councillor but more pressure from residents on the council will produce some action and results.

What happened to being proud of the village we live in? We shouldn't accept no action or failure on the part of the council or ourselves. 

Further to letter above, I've just been advised that work is to be carried out on Stevenage Road and some other roads in Knebworth to remove the weeds and other vegetation growing in our kerbs. It's a start but it needs to be maintained.

Mark Neville - Knebworth

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