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Subject: Residents Parking Scheme - 19th April 2011

I would favour a resident parking scheme. Having a 3 month baby and having to park hundreds of meters away from our house is a nightmare with shopping etc. I do not mind doing it if neighbours are parked near our house but when you have people who our just using the street for free parking when there are using the train it gets a little more frustrating!!!

By making car park charges it's only going to cause more people to park in our streets causing more congestion and troublesome parking and ruining the pleasure of living in such a lovely area!!!

Marc - Knebworth

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Subject: Parking Charges and Permits - 23rd March 2011

I have heard there is a proposal by NHDC to implement charges for parking in the St Martin's Rd car park (behind the Co-Op) and to start a Residents Only parking permit scheme in roads near the village centre. Does anyone know about these schemes? Presumably, parking charges for the St Martin's Road car park are to prevent long stay parkers. If that is the case, then simply allow parking for a maximum period of two hours, after which the vehicle must be moved and not be able to return for another two hours. Offenders to receive a fine of £25.00.

Peter - Knebworth

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